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Family Talk

Packed with the same wisdom Dr. Dobson has provided audiences for more than 30 years, Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk is designed to help families and influence the culture — all flowing out of a heart for spiritual transformation thru trust in Christ for every life. It's the voice you trust...for the family you love!

Pastor Rick's Daily Hope

Everyone needs hope.  Daily Hope with Rick Warren shares a meaningful message from Scripture, practical and applicable, to encourage, equip and train people to fulfill God’s purposes for their life. Listen M-F for your daily hope!

The Georgene Rice Show

Weekdays 4 - 6 pm

Join us for a second Day of Hope with Food for the Poor. There are still children and families to rescue, so help us provide food for a year and water for life for a family of 4 with a one-time gift of $320 or $27 a month for 12 months. Call 855-906-4673 or look for the ‘save starving families’ banner at


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