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Because the need is great, today we’ll continue our effort to raise awareness and funding for the over 3 million refugees who have fled Ukraine, and the estimated 6 million people displaced within the country.  In response to the growing crisis, Food For The Poor is partnering with a pastor’s organization on the ground in Ukraine to get food into the hands of those in desperate need.  Your gift of any amount will speed desperately needed emergency food relief to Ukrainian refugees and displaced families.  Will you make your most generous and compassionate gift?  To give, click on the ‘Help Ukraine’ banner at or call 855-906-4673.

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About Georgene Rice

Georgene has been a talk show host with KPDQ for more than 30 years and has traveled internationally as a station correspondent. In 2003 Georgene served as the chief spokesman and debater for the Defense of Marriage Coalition, which successfully amended Oregon’s constitution. She has lectured on university campuses and is a frequent speaker and worship leader at Christian conferences and retreats. Georgene has served on several Boards and regularly volunteers for charitable organizations. A musician Georgene and husband Dan have traveled around the world teaching and performing Gospel music.


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