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Today we’ll share the latest on COVID in Oregon, talk about President Biden’s infrastructure bill pitch, and consider whether the president’s vaccine mandate is unconstitutional.  We’ll also hear from Steve Brown, author of “Talk the Walk-How to Be Right Without Being Insufferable” (New Growth).  On Friday, we'll revisit my conversation with Joel Rosenberg and share this weeks' Christian Outlook.

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About Georgene Rice

Georgene has been a talk show host with KPDQ for more than 30 years and has traveled internationally as a station correspondent. In 2003 Georgene served as the chief spokesman and debater for the Defense of Marriage Coalition, which successfully amended Oregon’s constitution. She has lectured on university campuses and is a frequent speaker and worship leader at Christian conferences and retreats. Georgene has served on several Boards and regularly volunteers for charitable organizations. A musician Georgene and husband Dan have traveled around the world teaching and performing Gospel music.


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