I Beg Your Pardon

This is not an indictment. This is a statement of conviction that I found myself heavy under this morning and had to repent to free myself of its weight.

What are we doing, Church?


If you found yourself in any church in America- any climate-controlled, security-patrolled, coffee-brewing, wired up wifi church- this morning and couldn’t summon the enthusiasm to worship, there is a problem.

And, it wasn’t the music.


If you woke up this morning and could turn a handle that brought forth hot water, turn a knob that locked a door, turn a key that started a car… to go to a church that you chose because it makes you the most comfortable… and could find no reason to worship, there is a problem.


If you could find no reason to worship this morning, it is one of two things: you do not accurately recognize your sin or you do not adequately recognize His glory.

God’s worthiness is so far and exceedingly above circumstance, the two have virtually nothing to do with each other.


If God was withheld praise today, or any day, because of your circumstance, He is not God and you are.


Ask Him to remind you of what you were saved from, what you were saved for.

There’s nothing about His provision or presence that is celebrated adequately by you going through the motions of a Sunday.


If nothing else, Praise Him that He is merciful enough for even this, that He loves you on days you forgot and thought you deserved Him. Praise Him for shed blood and the tears that come from brokenness.


Ananais and Sapphira withheld their best offering once. But only once. Praise Him because He allows us to draw breath even after fits of pouting and frets from doubting. He is that good and merciful. Someone should write a song about that. lol And someone should sing it.




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