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$15 Sends a Child to School for a Month - Holt International

This is the city dump in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia — a place no child should ever be. But this place is also home to hundreds of families who dig through trash for a living. Through education, you can empower a child to begin a life in a new and different place, a better place — a place where they should be. Learn more here

Stand With Israel 2019 Tour

When's the last time you've been to Israel?

We’ve invited our audiences on multiple travel experiences in the past, but Stand With Israel 2019 is the most imaginative and far-reaching tour we have ever offered. On this 10-day journey with Salem, along with our hosts and national hosts Dennis Prager and Mike Gallagher, you’ll see some of the most important biblical sites in the Holy Land. You’ll understand Israel’s significance better than ever before and your faith may never be the same!


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