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What Jesus' Words  "Fishers of Men" Means for Us Today

When Jesus called his first disciples, he told them he could make them into "fishers of men." It was a phrase that made a lot of sense to them, as fishermen, but modern readers can struggle to grasp Jesus' meaning. So what exactly does it mean to be a "fisher of men" and can we apply this in our 21st century lives? 

What Does Shalom Mean & Why Is it Important?

In modern Israel, when someone greets you or says goodbye, they will typically say, Shalom. In saying this they are actually saying more than just hello or goodbye, and more than just a simple ‘peace be with you’. They are actually saying something more along the lines of, “may you be filled with a complete and perfect peace and be full of well-being” or, “may health, prosperity, and peace of mind and spirit be upon you.”


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