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5 Ways to Conquer Our Negative Emotions

When our emotions are in turmoil, it is like a bucking bronco having its own way. We could say vehemence in our souls is balanced by harnessing our noggin, or our thoughts. Here are 5 ways to conquer some of the most common emotions we face.

Can God Hold You Accountable for Another Person’s Actions?

Pushback against such distorted visions of justice is good and right. However, that pushback can cause the pendulum to swing too far in the opposite direction—to the point where we deny any sense of corporate responsibility, either within our nation or the church. To work against such an imbalance, let us examine three Biblical examples of corporate responsibility.

Do Animals Go to Heaven?

A child’s beloved pet - a goldfish, hamster, or cat - suddenly dies. The family gathers around a make-shift grave to give their last goodbye. Words of comfort are spoken to the grieving child. At some point, the universal question is asked, “Did the animal go to heaven?”

How Do I Have Faith in God?

“Have a little faith,” people will say, but what does it mean? If we look at the world, it tells us to believe WE can do it—to have faith in ourselves. This is contrary to what the Bible teaches, and the Bible is the source of our faith. Read Romans 10:17--faith comes by hearing, hearing the word.


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