How to Support a Friend through Divorce

It is difficult to know what to say to someone in this most challenging situation. Do we rush in to offer advice, stand back, or ask the individual involved how we can best befriend them?

10 Ways to Thwart the Sin of Infidelity

We, as Christians, live in a world where we cannot wait passively for the attacks on our marriages to come. They are here. They are stealthy. They will destroy. We have to be on the offensive. We have to fight for our marriages.

5 Reasons I Pray for My Husband Every Day

Do you pray for your husband? Even if you aren’t married yet, you can and should cover his life in prayer. If you haven’t yet begun to pray, take these 5 prayer points and begin to lift your husband or future husband to the Lord. You will see answers, whether now or in the future, and your time spent in prayer will not be wasted.


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