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When Loving Your Man Is Hurting You

Desperate and having read the latest articles and books about emotional abuse and narcissism, many women feel discouraged and wonder if there really is any help for their man.

When You Need Sacred Space in Your Marriage

Most couples must be taught to ‘hold the sacred space.’ They must be taught about the fragility of this sacred space and taught how to keep it safe so that it can be enjoyed by only you and your mate. If ‘held’ and guarded, the space will hold you. If protected, that space will protect you.

The Key to Opening the Doors of Communication in Your Marriage

If you’re like most people, you hold back. You stuff your feelings. You second-guess what you should tell your mate and what you should keep to yourself. Sadly, many share thoughts and feelings reactively, in the spur of the moment, and fail to share their thoughts in a timely and healthy manner.

3 Things That Will Strengthen Your Marriage

A relationship is like a fine automobile—it can run very smoothly if given the right conditions. It can function effectively forever. If mistreated and not kept tuned, however, your marriage is sure to fail. Fortunately, we have some control over how “tuned” we keep our marriage. We have great ability to remain alert to the conditions of our marriage and to check in with our mate to ensure they are satisfied, as well with how the marriage is functioning. While there are many necessary ingredients for a loving marriage (see I Corinthians 13; Galatians 5: 22-23), there are three necessities I’d like to focus on today: compassion, consideration and collaboration. Certainly, you could argue that if you are loving as defined by I Corinthians 13 or exhibit the fruits of the Spirit you will show compassion, consideration and collaboration and your marriage will likely thrive. Let’s examine each of these a bit more closely and then we’ll explore how you might try these out in your daily life.

5 Ways to Open the Closed Heart

Utterly alone, you search for hope. Unable to find a way to each other, feeling the hardness of your mate’s heart, you wonder what can be done now?

The Opportunity of Valentine’s Day

As we near Valentine’s Day, the day florists enjoy the sweet fragrance of sales, and chocolatiers lick their lips with possibilities, many men and women begin to feel a vague sense of trepidation.


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